Dsc 0169


 40 y.o.
ID: 425
Age:40 years
Live in:Odessa, Ukraine
Height:5'5" (166 cm)
Level of english:Intermediate
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I can tell you one the most important thing about myself, that I love my life and every day is a gift for me from God and I’m feeling the happiest person in the world when I receive new opportunity and new golden chance in order to make a new step towards my goal! I adore every day and every season and it’s always something special and something mysterious and beautiful about every day!!!! I think that it’s essential in life to respect yourself enough to walk away from anything that no longer serves you, grows you or make you happy. Many people nowadays are hunting for happiness and real love and sometimes we are blind and we cannot see the real love next to us!!! At the moment open your eyes and let’s be grateful for what we have for today.


I’m interested in everything and I’m fond of sport and travelling. As every day is like a huge journey and a big trip in a new country and it’s only you, who choses where to go and how to make your day! Love the stars looking in the sky and run in the nature and have interests in animals. I have a passion for literature and learning! Painting plays an important role in my life and art is what makes me feel happy and excited about my new day! I prefer going outside the city and paint the beauty of the sun and sky. Especially when we get together with my family, I love having moments for painting the time when we are together! Because this time will never come back in your life again!

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