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girls from Kiev

Why he&shedate

  • Work experience - 10 years!

    Seeking women and dating are as old as Adam. So when it became a thing? Well, it comes from the 1800th when American men headed to the West for a new life leaving a myriad of women behind. Facing a lack of women in their new communities, they drew them back home by sending personal ads in East Coast newspapers and magazines and write letters to churches, hoping there would be some unmarried women.
    Next step - photographs sent by women! It’s funny because their relationships would continue by letters. Can you imagine for how long a man should have waited to see her face? Oh! Thanks God for the Internet nowadays! So it would go on until the future wife agreed to marry literally a stranger.
    Nowadays the tradition of this kind of a marriage arrangement exists, but this time there are professional match-makers helping single women to find their man.
    The International HeSheDate Dating Service continues this tradition helping single Slavic women to find a man. Mostly Russian women have a great demand because of its feminity, well-known beauty and family-oriented position. It’s more than a marriage agency; it’s a happiness- creating machine – whether it’s a dating couple or a family.
    The Dating Service provides real calls and real meetings avoiding chatting and long letters which often lead to nothing. We offer “reality” so you can feel chemistry at first talk or at first sight.
    In 2015 we celebrated our 10th Anniversary of making people happy. For the last 2 years we helped more than 15 couples to create a family. Having a huge experience, learning our client and conducting surveys all the time help us to improve constantly the way we want to satisfy our customer.
    This is why we divided girls according to their character, integrated an Advanced search with a multiple of options, private videos, first date tips elaborated after Russian women psychology and the way they see the dating, and, of course, the one and only - a live communication via real calls and real meetings. No more chatting and long letters! If you want to hear a girl – call her, it you want to see a girl – come and see her! Make real steps towards your happiness!
    We take care of our clients providing a special accompaniment to a man such as: pick up at the airport, rent an apartment, interpreting on business meetings, walk on the yacht, and city tours with a beautiful lady-guide.
    All this complex approach allows us to remain the best in this field and, moreover, constantly meet the man’s need to find his perfect match.
  • More than 15 marriages for the last two years

    To help people to match is a great deal! It’s about creating conditions for them to interact. It’s about helping them to understand he or she is the one. When it comes to serious relationships, people need time to realize whether he or she is worth being his/her second half etc.
    All this time we accompany our girls and our clients and provide them a reliable platform to go further. Once they got into relationships, we hope they will create a couple or a family.
    So here’s the story of Vika and Mayo who recently got married thanks to our Dating Service. Vika shares it with us.
    “I contacted the "HeSheDate" Dating Service in the beginning of September 2013. And just in a month, in October, I met Mayo. I liked him at first sight – such a good-looking, smiling and bright person he was.
    We began to communicate, first just a couple of times a week. In course of time we became closer. We were dragged to each other like crazy, we wanted to spend all time the together! Soon we couldn`t live a minute without our communication! I was incredibly happy to feel that Mayo was sincerely interested in my life in general. He listened to my stories with a great attention and all things about me truly inspired him to know even more! I felt that he longed for understanding me. I believe that this is one of the most profound and important things in relationships! And Mayo, in his turn, was surprised but pleased with the fact that we could discuss any topics without any taboos or offence. We didn`t have any secrets! And although English wasn`t the native language for both of us, we understood each other at a word. That was amazing, because our connection was beyond any language barrier! He made as more trips to Ukraine as possible to get to know me better and to develop our relationships.
    It’s funny, but we managed to fall out and then make it up online during one evening. However, to my mind, any normal relationships between a man and a woman mean tiffs, some fighting even. We are not the same, from different families and habits, and having conflicts of interests from time to time is okay. I believe that getting to know each other is an important gear of studying and understanding your soul mate, and it requires searching for compromises. That`s what Mayo and I do.
    Once he wanted to surprise me and made me a wonderful gift – a visit on New Year`s holidays! That was my best holiday for the last ten years, that`s for sure! And it was the unforgettable week we spent together. It was the real ocean of warm emotions, sweet memories, cuddles and kisses …
    My family met him warmly and liked him very much. By the way, Mayo told me he wanted to meet my parents before he came to Odessa (which gives credits to him, if course).
    After his coming back home, we had to continue our online dating. I mean he called and we talked a lot, because he wanted to hear my voice. Soon we realized we missed each other. So we planned another meeting! That time it was my turn to visit Mayo`s place.
    I came to him on the eve of St. Valentine`s Day, because we decided to celebrate it together! The holiday began from the very morning, when Mayo woke me up with a bouquet of beautiful roses and a breakfast he brought to our bed! After the splendid morning, we went shopping and walked around the city, Mayo showed me the local sights and his favorite places, which was even more important to me, than museums and cafés. In the evening we had a perfect dinner together, we danced and enjoyed every second … I will never forget that day, the day when I felt all my dreams came true!
    On March, the 8th Mayo proposed to me! I was so incredibly happy! I`m home now and miss Mayo madly. Now we are planning our wedding, our future together in a cozy house. And I`ve started learning the Dutch language.
    I`m so thankful to the Dating Service that it showed me the world of dating online, made a photo session for me and helped to get to know people worldwide. I know everything is possible when you have a desire!”.
    There are scores of stories like that. For the last 2 years we helped more than 15 couples to start a family. And this is great – to be part of people’s happiness! This is why we’re doing what we’re doing and this is what we striving for.
  • Quick service

    Because of the life pace people hurry up. Speed means the world, especially for a busy man. It affected relationships too. So a quick service is a key factor in a dating/marriage field too.
    You know why McDonald’s remains the best business ever all over the world? Because it meets people’s need in the quickest way; they satisfy the basic instinct – the hunger.
    Love is a sort of an instinct too. Love is a need nobody can deny. Busy men need to satisfy this need as fast as possible. Men want to call a girl, to meet up, to get into relationships, and to find a wife as soon as possible. If he is an investor, he wants to make it quickly and effectively as he does it with his assets. So do business owners, top managers, and even successful pensioners. They google “Dating online”, “Marriage agency” or even “Slavic women and Russian women”, log in Dating sites, and expect to find the service which can quickly “grant a request”.
    Speed is a crucial notion for the HeSheDate Dating Service. Once one of our services is booked, we process it within 24 hours and confirm the result via a message to his back-office. The system automatically verifies the availability of the girl. So the client is never left, ignored or rejected.
    Also our team works constantly on providing a professional, of a good quality support. It’s not only about giving primary services of the site, but it’s about accompanying a man through this journey to find his perfect match. We outwatch our clients receiving a quick resolution to a reported problem. We don’t’ want a client to get frustrated. We want a client to find his single Russian woman and be happy!
  • Weekly profiles base update

    The International HeSheDate Dating Service is well-known as in its homeland as all over the world. We help foreigners to find a single Slavic woman, namely Russian or Ukrainian one.
    Moreover, Russian and Ukrainian brides are interested in relationships with foreign princes too. Russian and Ukrainian Cinderellas want somebody come and rescue them and take them away to the Kingdome. These are young ladies, form 18 till 35, beautiful and well-mannered, want to start a family with somebody abroad because their countrymen are not compliant with standards. So they turn to a marriage agency as well.
    Girls have to survive the cut. It means if you’re an ordinary girl, do not take care of yourself, eat unhealthy and your vocabulary is restricted with words form TV shows, you definitely do not fit.
    So the convenient girls should be naturally beautiful but slightly emphasize her beauty, keep fit, eat healthy and be able to talk on different issues. Having some achievements is life is desirable.
    Every week our Dating Service updates its base adding new profiles with different types of girls. This avalanche never stops enlarging the choice of our clients. We take pictures with single Slavic women. Their goal is to show women’s punch line. Also there’s a good piece of news for each man – he can watch a private video to make sure she is as beautiful as she is on photos.
    If a man has a crush on a girl he can book a call or a meeting immediately. We provide only real calls and real meetings avoiding chatting and long letters. Besides primary services there are multiple options to use. This approach allows us to draw as potential husbands as potential wives and to help them to find each other.
  • Real Ukrainian brides

    The industry of marriage agencies and dating services providers is very large. Having a huge experience in the field and outwatching our clients’ needs the HeSheDate Dating Service found out what a “looking-for-woman” man really needs. He needs reality, not fraud. He wants an authentic, “genuine” girl, who lives here and now, with the vital profile information and photos form her real everyday life.
    Most of single men are fed up with fake and scam lists. And sometimes they get disappointed and leave a dating site and even give up with the idea to find his beloved one. We do understand some men’s fair reasons to be disappointed and even mad. This is why the key factor of our work is providing real things: real brides, real dating, real calls…
    No illusionary “tomorrow-we’ll – verify or she’s – gone-to-her-grandma” promises! If you want to find a real Ukrainian or Russian wife, first call her, then come and see her with your own eyes. Make sure she is what you need and what you expected.
    The collaboration with the HeSheDate Dating Service increases your chances to find a real girlfriend or a future wife!


Our team has lots of experience

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925 Broadway At E 21st St New York, NY 10001

"HESHEDATE" - First International Dating Service providing a brand new conception of dating.

The International Dating Service is your way to find your perfect match through real calls and real meetings avoiding chatting and long letters which often lead to nothing. We provide “reality” so you can feel chemistry at first talk or at first sight.

Also we can arrange a date in any country on a mutual agreement of the parties. The Service guarantees that all the girls are interested in having relationships. Once you had a meeting or a call, it’s up to you and your courtesy to go further.

Before a date you can make a call to get to know her better. If you want to surprise your lady, you may also send a gift.

HeSheDate Dating Service takes care of its clients providing a special accompaniment to a man such as: pick up at the airport, rent an apartment, interpreting on business meetings, walk on the yacht, and city tours with a beautiful lady-guide.

We sincerely hope we’re starting up a marvelous journey together towards happiness!